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We, as residents of this planet, have gone through some of the major changes in centuries. All of us know that the world will never function the same as it was two years ago.

We are living in extremes. Extreme weather change, floods — droughts at the same time, economic crises, wildfires, job loss, deforestation for mining, and whatnot.

Although we are on the verge of Self Destruction, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. With the advent of technology and innovation in almost every industry, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon print

With one sentence actionable solutions

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Brain Fog happens when you are unable to think clearly. It is an anxious feeling where you feel stuck. You want to get out of it, but don’t know from where to begin.

I was in a similar situation 3 months ago when I got affected by the virus. It was an unanticipated break that lasted too long.

The momentum was broken, it felt torturous to bounce back to the routine and work again.

While it is common to feel like that, it is equally important to rebound. …

A framework by India’s billionaire, Kunal Shah

A laptop, startup book and notebook is kept on the table. Desktop and speaker is in the background. A cute table plant is on the side of the book.
A laptop, startup book and notebook is kept on the table. Desktop and speaker is in the background. A cute table plant is on the side of the book.
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The globe is marching towards the startup economy as many startups are estimated to perform astounding well in the coming decade.

Moreover, we are in the most efficient state in terms of effective utilization of products and services if we compare it to the past. Similarly, there are more efficient utilities that lie ahead of us.

Delta four (Δ4) framework comes into the picture when you want to self-analyze your idea at a…

If not, here’s a definitive guide on time blocking

A Person Sitting with Their Laptop on Chair Surrounded by a Huge Clock in the Background as a floor
A Person Sitting with Their Laptop on Chair Surrounded by a Huge Clock in the Background as a floor
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Time Blocking is one of the most effective ways to ensure getting work done. It is the greatest enemy of procrastination and the best-est friend of an efficient outcome.

If you…

  • are feeling stuck in one place
  • think that you are making a slow progress
  • want a skeleton where you can fill in the information according to your requirements, then read further.

I have been following Analogue Time Blocking system suggested by Cal Newport which looks something like this:


…that we all can steal!

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Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL was the most anticipated moment for all of us. Some of us were looking forward to his cheeky funny comments on Dogecoins that would possibly skyrocket its value ( didn’t), and others were just there to enjoy his sweet, sarcastic, childlike humour. No matter what, we all love this guy for what he does for our planet and its citizens.

I recently read a tweet regarding productivity recommendations by Elon musk that was written by Gabriel Gruber and guess what, Elon Musk replied to the thread with “Exactly!” After clicking on the given link, you…

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We all procrastinate.

There. I said it. It is an invisible power that keeps lurking around in our heads and is impossible to escape if it sits too comfortably in there.

Tim Urban, the well-known writer- blogger claims that each one of us procrastinates, but some are good at managing it, unlike most of us.

This article is for those who are struggling in these horrifying times to get work done…and in time.

Procrastination is the best of our options to opt-out from, but we do it anyway. The closest example is right here. It’s me. I was supposed to…

Research-based techniques that you can apply right away

When I was at a university pursuing Masters in International Marketing Management in 2018, I vaguely remember my first introduction week to Marketing. Being a marketing enthusiast, I knew the basics of marketing or so I thought I did.

At the end of the week, while casually talking to one of my classmates, I blurted “ The lectures easy, basic and obvious.” After listening to those overconfident words coming…

You just need to be 70% good

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Perfection means a state of being errorless and defects. In reality, 100% accurate things are non-existent.

Perfectionism is a myth. When trying to chase it, we keep chasing or worse, we do not start at all.

Imagine that you are watching a video of…


Integrative Thinking is an ability to hold two opposable ideas and think through it without leaning towards any one of the ideas.

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According to the famous Porchlight Book Company, humans are born with natural opposable minds. Which means they can hold two opposite ideas at the same time.

This can produce tension as one thought could go to one direction and other can take 180 degrees turn.

We can use the tension to form different ideas keeping both the scenarios in mind while making decisions. This is called Integrative Thinking.

Integrative thinking is a term coined by Roger Martin in his book The Opposable Mind order to explain how leaders consider opposable solutions and make a third but unique way out of…


The important factors to consider while considering this Revenue Model

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The idea of Subscription came from books and newspapers trade during the 17th and 18th century. Subscription is a term coined for recurring exchange of services and products provided with money and value.

The Subscription Model can help you build customer relationships and capitalization. This recurring payment system ensures that as long as you provide value to the customers, they will continue using products/services.

This model falls under one of the two broad categories of a Revenue Model. The second one is one-time payment.

It is necessary to find the correct revenue model for a company to make a profitable…

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